Is your brain carrying on conversations with you all night when all you want is a good night’s sleep?

Check out Pinnaclife® Sleep Support Supplement and start getting the sleep you need to stay healthy.

Pinnaclife® Sleep Support

  • Provides the perfect balance of melatonin and magnesium to encourage your body to sleep restfully
  • Works with the body’s Circadian rhythm to assure the brain and all vital organs can rest during the repair process
  • Leaves you feeling rested, ready, alert and full of energy the next morning
  • Is non habit-forming and does not cause undesired side effects
  • Contains phytophenols and amino acids that cells use to repair DNA

If you are not getting 7-8 hours of deep sleep each night, your problems may be much greater than feeling tired and having low energy the next day.
Lack of sleep is linked to major health risks that are consistently reported by major universities. Even the news outlets are trying to warn people about the health risks created by lack of sleep. The obvious problem is that sleep deprivation is a factor in accidents. It interferes with thought processes and it is reported to have been an issue in the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that fatigue results in 100,000 traffic accidents and 1,550 related deaths.
If this did not peak your interest, let’s go down the list of other health problems associated with the lack of sleep. Lack of sleep is implicated in the following:

  • Lack of sleep increases appetite and increases the risk of obesity by 30%
  • If you get 5 hours of sleep or less a night, your risk of death from cardiovascular death is double
  • You look older because your skin becomes lackluster, you get more fine lines and wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes
  • Lack of sleep leads to a lack of sex drive
  • Lack of sleep hurts your cognitive process and impairs attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning and problem solving
  • If you do not get enough sleep you are 5 times more likely to have depression

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