2 thoughts on “Pinnaclife is a proud sponsor for the Alzheimer’s Association!

  1. Susan Marcus says:

    My name is Susan Marcus, I am a volunteer for a Trauma Recovery Network that does pro-bono work with first responders as well as others following a traumatic event. My particular group is in Connecticut and did work with a large number of first responders after the Sandy Hook Shootings. We are now giving free workshops for first responders to help them understand and better cope with the trauma they face on the job. As a part of this effort I have designed a presentation we will be rolling out, possibly nationally.

    I am requesting permission to use the brain visual from the “The Functions of our Two Brains” Posted on January 31, 2011. No part of the article is being used just the image and I am happy to give credit to the designer and/or your blog (if you let me know the name of the designer/ blog as you would like it to appear).

    I you are interested in more information about my organization you can find it at our affiliate, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program (emdrhap.org).

    I look forward to hearing from your as soon as possible since our goal is to help as many people as soon as we can

    Thank you for your help,

    Susan Marcus


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