Pinnaclife® Sleep Support Supplement

Do you have trouble falling and staying asleep? Are you tired and irritable throughout the day? Many people have a hard time falling asleep at night or staying asleep throughout the night. This leads to grogginess, decreased productivity and irritability throughout the day. Recent studies also suggest that people who don’t sleep well are at increased risk of obesity and diabetes.

Why you may need it
*Experiencing trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
*Anxiety or stress is contributing to insomnia
*Working irregular hours resulting in an inconsistent or unusual bedtime
*Traveling across multiple time zones / jet lag
*Illness, chronic disease, or medications are interfering with sleep

How it can help
*Studies show that melatonin paired with magnesium encourages deeper and longer sleep periods in adults suffering from sleeplessness
*Melatonin works to restore a normal sleep cycle, called a Circadian rhythm, to assure the brain and vital organs can rest during the natural repair process
*Magnesium and curcumin have been shown to have calming effects, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety
*Provides restful sleep without the side effects or habit-forming potential experienced with common pharmaceutical sleep aids


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