Pinnaclife® Energy Support Supplement

Do you have problems with low energy levels and fatigue that make it hard to finish your work and get through the day? Many people have decreasing energy levels and increased fatigue in the afternoon due to overexertion, stress, or lack of sleep. This can lead to decreased productivity and the inability to finish important projects. Fatigue makes your body feel like it wants rest, but sometimes it’s impossible to get that rest until the work is done.

Why you may need it
*Experiencing trouble concentrating or remembering things
*High levels of stress
*Experiencing mental or physical fatigue
*Feeling tired throughout the day

How it can help
*Green tea extract provides a natural source of antioxidants and caffeine to provide an energy boost
*Caffeine can increase mental focus and attention levels
*Extracts from Rhodiola rosea have been shown in studies to reduce symptoms of stress and fatigue, improve cognitive functioning, and even improve recovery time after exercise
*Taurine has been shown to protect against cellular stress caused by exhaustive exercise
*Vitamins B3, B6, and B12, plus the amino acid L-taurine are all known to be vital for normal brain function, especially during times of stress or fatigue
*Free of sugar and artificial sweeteners

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