Pinnaclife Prebiotic Fiber

Pinnaclife Prebiotic FiberWhat is it?
Gluten-free, soluble fiber that is odorless and tasteless and dissolves evenly in hot or cold beverages and food; safe for extended use in children and adults.  “Prebiotic” refers to the fact that it feeds beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, called “Probiotics.”

What does it do?
Helps maintain digestive health: promotes probiotic growth, normalizes bowels and improves feelings of satiety (“fullness”), which may assist in weight loss.  Fiber is also known to decrease absorption of fat and cholesterol while increasing the elimination of toxins and metabolic wastes.

Who is it for?
All adults and children who want to improve or maintain great digestive health.  Use half of the recommended dose in children and increase as needed or tolerated.

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