Pinnanclife-Products-062212-_DSC3949_SelectProduct Spotlight: Pinnaclife MultiVitamin

What is it?
Beneficial nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and the added benefits of our Olivamine10 formula.  It also contains 50 mg each of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl-L-carnitine, and CoQ10.  Addition of Olivamine10 provides additional antioxidant support and all of the other benefits from this blend.

What does it do?
This multivitamin makes sure your body gets the necessary nutrients to function properly.  It is intended to be used to supplement a balanced diet and not as a replacement for nutrient rich foods.

Who is it for?
Patients and customers looking to optimize their health with the addition of a high quality multivitamin.  This multivitamin is especially beneficial for persons with a deficient diet (unhealthy food, low nutrient content, restricted diet, low appetite, eating disorders, etc.), fatigue, strenuous exercise/athletics, frequent illness, and difficulty losing weight.

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