Pinnanclife-Products-062212-_DSC3977-_SelectWhat is it?
Essential fatty acids extracted from the fish fillet that exceeds European and US purity standards and has a 3:2 ratio of EPA to DHA as recommended by the American Heart Association.  Addition of Olivamine10 provides additional antioxidant support and all of the other benefits from this blend.

What does it do?
Omega-3s are shown to improve myelin formation and neurological development and have potent anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.  These actions can positively influence many different disease states.  The American diet is typically low in Omega-3’s and high in Omega-6’s (pro-inflammatory), so supplementation is important to help restore the natural balance of these essential fatty acids.

Who is it for?
Everybody!  May benefit patients and customers with: arthritis and joint pain, heart disease and arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, and eczema/dermatitis.  The effects on the brain and nerve health have drawn much attention for conditions like ADHD, depression, dementia, fetal brain/nerve development, and other neurological conditions.

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