Pinnaclife Racing: Dominguez Hills Grand Prix #1

racing jerseys

January 19th, 2014

Pinnaclife racing was ready to race with Kenny going to the front early to ramp it up.  The team quickly went into attack mode with Jim and Dave P. going off the front early.  They start a small break, but it explodes under the pressure and soon Dave P. and Billy were off the front gaining ground.  They work hard and get almost one straight-away away from the peloton.  The group slowly reels them back into the fold and Gary goes away with another rider and Dave P. jumps across to that break.  They pick up a few more racers and a small break of 7 forms and starts to make the gap grow.  They are soon brought back and Dave P. goes again taking a rider with him.  They get a few seconds on the field, but Dave soon finds himself off the front solo with the field chasing and only 3 laps to go.  Dave holds a good gap, but gets caught in the last corner.  The Pinnaclife train sets up with Ricardo, and Paul taking the first pulls.  Kenny takes the front pulling down the back side at 35+mph, and then Billy taking over into the last hill.  Gary powers up the hill with Jim pushing hard into the last straight.  Steve rockets to the finish, taking 2nd place with Dave F. in 3rd and Jim in 4th!  Great team work guys!

As always, we are so proud of our Pinnaclife Bike Racing Team!!

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