Pinnaclife Racing Takes Ontario by Storm

racing jerseysOntario Grand Prix 1-12-14
Pinnaclife Racing puts a full line up in the first race of the year with over 100 starters.   Steve, Gary, Jim W., Ricardo, Billy, Dave H., Paul and Dave P. made up the 50+ team, and in the same race, but scored separately was Dog, Dave F., and Kenny making up the 55+ team.  This new format let the team work together to try and get both teams in the best finishes, but sometimes it can get tricky.
Gary takes the first attack of the year, winding it up and getting a good gap with a couple other racers.  The team locks into the front letting the break stick, but it comes back, Jim takes the next shot to break up the road, but the chase is hard and they bring him back.  Dave P. attacks with 2 other racers and they stay out for a couple laps, they are soon brought back and Steve goes to make a break.  They get up the road, but are brought back soon after.  This goes on for an hour, guys taking shots of the front, but it soon becomes apparent that this one will end in a field sprint.  Jim takes a solo attack with 5 laps to go and hangs out there.  The team goes to the front to control the pace.  It looks like it might stick, but another team chases and sets it up for a field sprint.  Gary goes to the front first and winds up the Pinnaclife train to 30+ mph, Kenny then takes his turn at the front, keeping the pace high.  A couple other teams put guys on the front to keep the pace quick.  Dave P. takes over on the back side of the last lap and pulls the group into the last corner where Jim W. rockets off his wheel and shoots for the line.  The sprint winds up to about 40 mph and Jim just gets passed by 2 racers near the line taking 3rd for the 50+ team, Dave F powers in for 3rd place for the 55+ team!  2 Pinnaclife racers in the taking 3rd.  Dog also powers a great sprint across the line for 12th place for the 55+ team.  What a great start to the season!

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