Pinnaclife Racing puts 7 in the top 12

groupDominguez Hills 8-25-2013
The team fired all the cannons in the first 20 minutes and broke from the field with 7 riders in a 12 man breakaway.  Kenny was at the front of the break pushing the pace, with Jim W. , Gary, Dave F., Dave P. Steve and Billy working the break.  The 12 man break soon motored away from the field with Dave H, Ricardo, and Paul controlling the front of the field, stoping any attacks.  Pinnaclife racers then took shots at the break, but nothing got away.  It came down to a sprint finish with Steve rocketing in for 2nd, Dave P. taking 4th, Jim W, 5th, Gary took 6th, Dave F 8th, Kenny 9th, and Billy 10th.  The team was all-over the front of this race!  Nice job guys!
We are off to the National Championships next week……..
Congrats to the Pinnaclife racing team! We are so proud of your hard work and achievements!

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