Pinnaclife Puts 2 In The Top 6 At Ontario Grand Prix!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.08.29 PMCongrats to the Pinnaclife Racing Team for placing two in the top six over the weekend at the Ontario Grand Prix!
Pinnaclife Racing Team brought out everyone for the Ontario Grand Prix.  The team started the attacks on the first lap with Jim and Gary heading up the road. When the field brought them back Dave P. and Dave F. attacked to start a break, but they were soon brought back.  Dave H. and Ricardo then attacked to get a break going, but they were brought back.  Billy then attacked with Gary and they got some good separation on the group.  Dave bridged up after a lap and the break looked like it was going to work.  It was then brought back and the team was then forced to start the sprint leadout.  Dave F. and Dave P. went to the front with Steve and Jim on the train.  The sprint started early with Steve opening it up down the final stretch.  Jim and Steve power across the finish taking 5th and 6th respectively.
Great team work everyone!

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