Got Allergies? Supplements Can Help!

“Allergy symptoms occur when your body’s immune system overreacts to substances in your environment, such as cat dander, dust, or pollen, and starts fighting them as if they were bacteria or viruses by releasing a biochemical called histamine.

You can blame mom and dad for the fact that you’re allergic; the tendency is inherited. But some doctors believe that a healthy diet and certain nutritional supplements can balance your immune system, keeping it strong but not overreactive.

With that in mind, here are particulars on the nutrients that may be helpful in fighting allergies. For the best allergy-alleviating action, add these nutrients to your balanced diet:”

Magnesium may ease breathing. This mineral helps relieve constricted airways in the lungs. One study found that lab animals severely deficient in magnesium had higher blood levels of histamine when exposed to allergens than animals getting enough magnesium.

Vitamin C stops histamine. Studies have shown that high levels of vitamin C help reduce histamine release and make histamine break down faster once it is released. Other studies have shown that vitamin C deficiency can send blood levels of histamine soaring.


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