Cambert Pilipinas Launches Olivamine-based Natural Wound Care Products


News release from Cambert Pilipinas, Inc.

Finally, a skin and wound care product line that eliminates bad bacteria without killing healthy cells along with them.

Cambert Pilipinas, an affiliate of Zuellig Pharma, is opening the door of the Philippines to Pinnaclife—a wound care system consisting of six products that contain Olivamine, derived from the green olive and scientifically proven to trigger cell regeneration in order to treat everything from the most superficial skin lesions to the most problematic chronic wounds.

Renowned US biochemist discovered Olivamine over a decade ago and developed the Pinnaclife wound care system around it. When Pinnaclife was first produced, US hospitals and medical practitioners were reluctant to utilize the new approach. So McCord and her team gave them the medicines for free and asked them to administer the treatments to the patients they had given up on—soon yielding phenomenal results.

Olivamine is clinically proven to heal when nothing else does. The Pinnaclife line quickly gained popularity in the medical world and soon became the best-selling wound care product in the US. “The idea behind Olivamine is giving the power back to the body for the body to heal itself,” said McCord during her recent visit to Manila for the Pinnaclife launch.

“The body knows how to heal itself. The problem is that over the years, we’ve grown so accustomed to pumping it with harsh foreign chemicals that we have undermined this ability.” she explained. McCord’s Olivamine-based products offer an alternative to the harsh treatments commonly used in the medical market today. It makes use of natural elements found in the green olive, a symbol of healing and longevity held by many cultures for thousands of years.

The Pinnaclife system boasts of six products, each individually designed to treat skin problems of varying severity. These are the Cleansing Lotion, Hydrating Gel, Skin Cleanser, Skin Shield, Skin Cream and Zinc Oxide Cream.

Through the help of Cambert Pilipinas, a company focused on finding natural solutions, the Philippine market is finally opening its doors to Pinnaclife. The Philippine Wound Care Society is also throwing its full support behind the product.

Pinnaclife products will be available at Mercury Drugstores and Med Express delivery (tel. 02 333 3333)

For more information, contact:

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