International Mediterranean Diet Month

Med DietMay is International Mediterranean Diet Month, a chance to focus attention on one of the world’s healthiest—and most delicious—diets. Since the February 2103 publication of a major clinical trial showing a 30% risk reduction for heart attacks and strokes with the Mediterranean Diet, this topic has been especially hot. Educate consumers about foods that are part of the Med Diet, and help them establish healthy, long-lasting eating habits—not just in May but throughout the year.

Pinnaclife shares the same research as the Mediterranean Diet in regards to the philosophy of the olive and the health benefits it gives. Hydroxytyrosol is one of the main components of olive oil as well as Oleuropein, which is 25% hydroxytyrosol. Epidemiological studies of individuals in the Mediterranean, who adhere to the Mediterranean diet, which features a large consumption of olive oil had a significantly lower incidence of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer in the population.

The beneficial role of olive oil in a healthy diet has been proven time and again in studies around the globe and science related to olive oil’s health benefits continues to evolve. The most important aspect of using olive oil for health purposes is to remember that it should replace sources of saturated fat in your diet. In addition, the acclaimed Mediterranean Diet, of which olive oil is a key component, is based on balanced proportions and relies heavily on consumption of vegetables and fruits, nuts, and lean proteins such as chicken and fish. Coincidentally, these all taste better when prepared with olive oil! Olive oil is a more healthful choice than many other cooking fats due to the fact that it is a monounsaturated, or “good,” fat. Consuming monounsaturated fat in place of saturated fat has been shown to help lower the bad LDL cholesterol and raise the good HDL cholesterol. The FDA agrees and approved a qualified heart health claim for olive oil in 2004.

Extra virgin or virgin olive oils offer additional health benefits because they are naturally extracted and retain an abundance of vitamins and polyphenols that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. A recent study from Spain found that participants with the highest olive oil consumption as a proportion of total calories had a 26-percent-lower mortality rate from all causes and were 44 percent less likely to die from heart disease.

A diet with olive oil as a main source of fat has been linked to health benefits related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and more. There is also evidence that olive oil helps the body better absorb beneficial nutrients from vegetables and other healthy ingredients in meals.

Pinnaclife’s Olivamine Dietary Supplement


Olivamine is a powerful patent pending antioxidant blend pulled straight from the healing power of the olive.

How Pinnaclife Supplements can help you

  • Olivamine is the only supplement that contains
    time-released hydroxytyrosol; the powerful antioxidant
    derived from the olive
  • Olivamine does not put anything into your body that it cannot use
  • Many of our customers have reported feeling better after taking Olivamine



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