Pinnaclife Sponsors Two Individuals to Receive Wound Care Certification

Pinnaclife, Inc. is proud to announce that Miguel Cortez and Elisa Ahillion-Rodriguez, M.D., have received certification in highly accredited Skin & Wound Care Courses. Pinnaclife sponsored the two to travel from the Philippines to the Wild on Wounds (WOW) Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada held last month to complete the educational courses.

WCC® Certification

Pinnaclife enrolled Dr. Rodriguez in the National Alliance of Wound Care Association educational program to obtain WCC Certification. The nationally accredited WCC® Certification is the number one wound care credential in the United States and is offered only to licensed healthcare providers.

Upon obtaining a passing score on the Certification examination, candidates may use the initials “WCC®”, Wound Care Certified, to designate their status.  The WCC Credentials are available only from the highly acclaimed National Alliance of Wound Care (NAWC), the largest and fastest growing wound care credentialing organization in the world.

WCEI® Certification

The Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI®) offers a comprehensive skin and wound care training program and certification credential for Sales and Marketing professionals that are employed in the wound care industry.

Miguel Cortez is a Pinnaclife International Liaison and was sponsored by Pinnaclife in the training to become a Wound Care Market Specialist (CWCMS™). Mr. Cortez passed the program and received official certification as a sales specialist. Pinnaclife is excited to enhance Mr. Cortez’s competitive edge in the international sales force.

Pinnaclife, a McCord Research affiliate, distributes topical skin care products internationally. With the help of Mr. Cortez, Pinnaclife is excited to grow its international wound care division. Pinnaclife is committed to good science that serves as the foundation for safe and effective topical and nutritional products.                   

Elisa Ahillion-Rodriguez M.D., D.P.D.S., WCC                        Mr. Miguel Cortez, CWCMS

One thought on “Pinnaclife Sponsors Two Individuals to Receive Wound Care Certification

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