McCord Research Lab at Baker IDI in Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Darlene McCord funds the McCord Research Laboratory in Melbourne, Australia and paid a visit there this month to observe their recent research findings. Tom Karagiannis, Ph.D. is head of the McCord Research Laboratory at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Check out some of the photos from their trip!

Dr. McCord and Dr. Tom Karagiannis 

Research team at the Australian Royal Academy of Medicine

From left to right:
Elton Wong, Dr. Tom Karagiannis, Katherine Ververis, Dr. James McCord, Yoshi Mohammadi, Dr. Darlene McCord, Ratna Kilari, Sameera Bollu, Paul Licciardi, Li-Jeen Mah

Dr. McCord and Research Assistant Katherine Ververis


Katherine Ververis and Dr. Darlene McCord

Dr. McCord observing research testing 

Dr. Karagiannis and Ratna Kilari 

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