Pinnaclife Racing Wins Criterium State Championship – Again!

Dominguez Hills July 15th
“Pinnaclife Racing was out to make it two years in a row……  Gary, Steve, Billy, Jim W., Bruce, Paul, Jay and Dave all took opportunities to get to the front and attack the field.  Gary, Jim, Jay, Bruce and Billy were very active at the front taking shots at the field.  After several attacks it became clear that nothing was going to get away and it would be a field sprint.  Everything was being chased down.  Gary took the last lap at over 30 MPH with the field strung out from corner to corner.  Dave took over at the from turn two into the headwind with Steve on his wheel.  Dave takes Steve to the last corner and Steve jumps hard, powering to the line leaving everyone behind.  Steve wins the State Championship!  A great display of teamwork today.”
-Dave Prechtl
Pinnaclife Racing Team

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