Another Pinnaclife Win! Dominguez Hills Criterium

A direct “play by play” from our racers…
Dominguez Hills Criterium
“The team made it happen from the start.  Billy takes off from the gun with another rider.  Dave soon joins and they drop one.  Billy and Dave stretch it out for a lap but soon get brought back.  Steve and Gary go next and get a good gap.  A couple riders go with them, and it looks good, but they soon are absorbed by the charging field.  Gary amazingly goes again with two other racers.  They get a god gap and are starting to move away from the field.  Jay, Bruce and Dave go to the front to control the field.  Dave jumps away and two riders soon bridge to him.  After 3 laps of chasing they finally catch Gary’s group.  Now there are two Pinnaclife riders in the break.  The team goes to the front of the field to control any attacks, Jay, Paul, Bruce, Steve, Mike and Billy take turns at the front.  Up the road, Gary continues to power the break and the group soon gets 30 seconds over the field.  On the last lap Gary takes a monster lead-out pull and Dave jumps around him on the last corner to rocket across the finish line for the WIN!  Gary takes 5th after his powerful effort and Steve takes 3rd in the field sprint, giving the team three in the top 9 placings.  Great team work guys!
In the 40+ 4/5 Race, Jason and Ian attack with another rider, with 4 laps remaining.  They power away with a charging field chasing them back.  They work well together and still hold 10 seconds up the final hill on the last lap.  Jason and Ian jump hard and all three drag race for the line.  Jason powers across for the WIN, and Ian takes second place.  A 1/2 for Pinnaclife!  These guys are really making it happen!
An Amazing weekend!”

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