McCord Research Moves Its Olivamine® Research Funding to Melbourne Australia

McCord Research has awarded Tom Karagiannis, Ph.D. and his research team at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, in Melbourne Australia, a $150,000 research grant to study the effects of its patent pending Olivamine.  “The grant is for one year but it is anticipated that the grant will be renewed annually,” according to Darlene McCord, Ph.D., CEO of McCord Research.

The research will investigate Olivamine ingredients using next-generation gene sequencing technology to study its effects on gene expression (mRNA-Seq), and the effects on the epigenome.  The objective of the research is to determine the effectiveness of Olivamine against inflammation, and a variety of diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and MS along with the ingredient’s antioxidant properties.

A lab will be named for McCord Research and a research team has been established to work exclusively on the Olivamine project. Dr. Karagiannis’s lab has been researching the benefits of hydroxytyrosol, a key ingredient in Olivamine, for several years.  “This is an excellent opportunity for us to expand our work in a key field of interest,” said Dr. Karagiannis.

Baker IDI was created in 2008 after the merger of the Baker Heart Research Institute and the International Diabetes Institute (IDI). Baker IDI combines the strength of Baker’s research into cardiovascular disease and diabetic complications with diabetes research, education and patient care.

McCord Research is a research and development company that commercializes topical and nutritional products.  Their Olivamine brand, distributed by Medline Industries, is the number one selling topical medical skin care line in North America. The company’s supplements are sold under the Pinnaclife brand.  McCord Research owns Pinnaclife.
























Tom Karagiannis, Ph.D  Epigenomic Medicine Lab



The Epigenomic Medicine Lab Team at Baker IDI

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