Pinnaclife Invites Philippine Doctors to Join in the 11th Annual American Professional Wound Care Association Conference

ORLANDO, FL, March 29th– April 1st, 2012 –Pinnaclife, Inc. of Iowa City, IA founded by Darlene McCord, PhD., FAPWCA, has requested the presence of two distinguished Philippine doctors to unite with the American Professional Wound Care Association at the 11th annual conference.  The two attending Philippine doctors are Martin Anthony Villa, M.D., FPCS, FPSVS, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global and Quezon City, Philippines and Prof. Narciso S. Navarro, Jr. M.D., FACS, University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Manila, Philippines.  Pinnaclife is independently coordinating the travel arrangements to bring the doctors from the Philippines to the conference being held in the United States.

Dr. Darlene McCord of Pinnaclife is proudly facilitating the unique occurrence of joining together the Philippine Wound Care Society with the American Professional Wound Care Association, which brings to the surface a great opportunity for the wound care industry.  Philippine doctor Martin Anthony Villa M.D. is the President of the PWCS, bringing with him the prominent research from the Philippines and merging together with that of the APWCA will significantly advance the wound care industry on a global level.  Dr. McCord, known for her advanced work as a biochemist in skin and wound care, has been a member of the APWCA for years and is excited to bring forward a new feature to this year’s conference by welcoming the Philippine doctors.  Dr. McCord’s Remedy product line is the number one selling skin and wound care line in North America and her successes have made her a valuable asset to the APWCA.  Being a strong and respected leader in skin and wound care, Dr. McCord is thrilled to promote progression of the industry by building key relationships outside of the U.S.

“I’ve committed my existence to improving the lives of every person in every country of the world and I’m delighted to report my findings and successes to my peers and colleagues through the APWCA organization,” said Dr. McCord.  “This year, I am proud to include this experience with the Philippine Wound Care Society and join together two truly wonderful groups of renowned individuals.”

Pinnaclife will have a booth presence during the entire APWCA conference where Dr. McCord will be available to answer questions.  Pinnaclife attendees include: Dr. Darlene McCord and James McCord, PhD., FAPWCA, Pinnaclife founders; Chris Hanson, President; and Kevin McCarthy, Vice President of Sales.

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