New Year’s Resolutions: How to make them how to keep them

It seems every year my family’s badly executed lines of Auld Lang Syne
cause a temporary lapse of sanity and I come up with an absolutely
impossible New Year’s Resolution. This year would be a perfect example. I
committed to riding my bike three times a week. If I lived in sunny
California that would have been an excellent resolution, however,
unfortunately for my resolution, I live in Iowa and there are currently
three inches of snow outside. Considering that a significant portion of
January newsletters dwell upon this subject I believe that it would be
fairly safe to say I am not unique to reckless resolution making.
Fortunately more rational minds such as Dr. McCord’s can shed light on
this very subject. Some years because of difficult circumstances, small
resolutions such as eating better and taking a good vitamin are all that
we can really manage. Still these seemingly small resolutions can have a
big, positive effect on our health. Dr McCord in her book “Living Well At
One Hundred”
gives several examples of how simple getting one’s recommended
servings of fruits and vegetables can be. Also an Olivamine Full Spectrum
vitamin provides the body daily with the things it needs to defend its most
important components. Here at Pinnaclife we are excited about the upcoming
year as we work towards fulfilling our own resolutions. Our marketing team
is still working toward getting our products into more Hy-Vee Food Stores
and other pharmacies in the state. In this way we hope to make your
resolutions just that much easier to fulfill with our products. Here’s to a
healthy New Year!

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions: How to make them how to keep them

  1. says:

    What a great way to maintain your weight.
    Morbid Obesity & Weight Loss Surgery

    This isn’t about willpower. Morbid obesity (or clinically severe obesity) is a biologically based disease.

    And as with any serious disease, curing it requires medical attention. In these cases, surgical treatment offers, virtually, the only effective long-term method of weight control. In fact, according to scientifically published reports, in 95% of cases, significant weight lost through non-surgical programs is regained within three to five years.


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