Information: A Crucial Part of Wellness


Today I wanted to share with you some good ways to find valid and factual information online about your health. These are sources that I have found and used while working at Pinnaclife. In order to give our customers facts about our products, we need to have reliable information ourselves. That is why our websites are full of science and research to support our products. Every source must be completely supported by science and not by opinion. Just because someone tells you it is great, you need to know why.

At Pinnaclife, we have our roots deep in science because of two reasons: 1. We want our products to actually work and 2. Our products HAVE to work. We have customers, friends, family and even ourselves on the Pinnaclife products and they need to work. The first great site we use is Google Scholar. This particular source is nice because it filters the results to find the most credible information possible. Google Scholar eliminates opinions and gives you real facts from scientific sources.

Another source we like to visit often is the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association is particularly helpful when talking about Omega-3 fish oil and other essential fatty acids. Even though the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, they do have information on them. Visit their website to learn what they control and what they do not. Finally, the USDA has a great website that is informative when it comes to dietary guidelines and including supplements in your diet.

When you look for information online, visit the doctor or even talk to knowledgeable friends you must be prepared to hear different things than what you already know. It is very important to research the topic before you take advice from someone else. So visit these websites for the facts before you talk to anybody and be armed with the correct information. By taking responsibility and knowing where your information comes from can help ward off opinions and get to the facts.

Click here to read more facts from the FDA.

If you want to read specific dietary guidelines from the USDA, click here.

Visit the University of Iowa Research website to read articles on Hydroxytyrosol and your health.

If you want to know more about dietary supplements, visit the National Institutes of Health’s website.

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