A New Vision of Healing


When you begin working for a company that does what Pinnaclife does, you are very skeptical at first of the products and their results. Not because you don’t think they will work but because the products do such amazing things it is hard to believe it is actually true. This feeling lasts until you hear the testimonials of the customers that now have better and healthier lives because of the supplements. After so many, “I feel better,” “I have more energy,” “My numbers are down,” and “I have less pain,” it becomes hard not to believe in the products.

The same feelings happen to other people when they decide whether they want to become clients with us. One of the reasons we have such wonderful partnerships with Hy-Vee, Care-Pro Pharmacies, Pharmacy Matters, and Anytime Fitness is not only are they willing to sell the products but they actually do believe in them and what they can do for their customers. Some are even on the products themselves! You trust they will do well to promote your products because they care about their customers and they know our products can help.

Finally, we have all had experiences with different doctors who do not help us in the way we want to be helped. They do not listen to what the patients want or need but instead push certain drugs onto them without thought. When you look for a doctor you need to find one that not only has a vast medical knowledge and the understanding that supplements can help but also has the ability to be a friend. Pinnaclife partners with trusted doctors and veterinarians that provide accurate information and care about their patients’ welfare personally. When you have trusted professionals looking out for your well-being, you have the complete health solution, which makes us very proud to partner with those medical professionals.

One thought on “A New Vision of Healing

  1. Cynthia Fell says:

    Will HyVee be carrying all of the Pinnaclife products. There were only two (the blue and green) this week at the Ames HyVee….but would like to purchase the rest of the line locally without ordering online.


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