Pinnaclife is an Expert Supplement Brand, and why that is important to YOU! Yes, you.

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Summer is definitely in full swing — despite the rain and chilly nights that we are feeling here in the Midwest right now. But that is usually the case for Iowa, though. I’ve traveled and lived all over the place, and the one thing that’s reliable about Iowa weather is that it’s unreliable. It cracks me up when I hear people in the winter complain about the bitter cold and wish for summer, and then as soon as summer rolls around, it’s suddenly “too hot. Unbearable!” Throw a rainy day in the mix and it’s, “I’m moving. I swear…” I think I met a farmer once who told me that if I didn’t like the weather in Iowa, then I should just wait five minutes. Then he hit me. It was in the arm and was really more of general acknowledgment – as if to say, “You know! You know what I’m talking about!” But I still remember thinking, “man, that kind of hurt.” Despite the minor bruising, he was right, and with everything I need to be reliable, I think that one thing I’m ok with is the unreliability of Iowa weather. It keeps me on my toes if nothing else.

However, one area where I can’t be ok with unreliability is nutrition.

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk briefly to you about nutritional supplements and the importance of choosing an “Expert Brand.”

What’s an “Expert Brand?” you ask. I’ll tell you:

An Expert Brand of Supplements is a brand that makes it Easy.
An Expert Brand of Supplements is a brand that Works.
An Expert Brand of Supplements is a brand that you can Trust.
An Expert Brand of Supplements is a brand that Pharmacists can look at and say, “Yes. They got it right.”

With all of the supplements and vitamins available today, a trip to your grocery store’s nutrition department can be confusing and overwhelming. Amidst the various pills and capsules which all claim to be the best, only one brand can stand out above the rest as a scientifically tested and proven brand that you can trust: An Expert Brand. Take a look at the Pinnaclife Supplement Bottle below, and I will explain how you can identify an Expert Supplement Brand.

The Expert Supplement Brand

* Take a look at the pills, the cap and the label. Notice anything? That’s right. They’re all the same color. An Expert Supplement Brand color-coordinates all of it’s products. This makes these supplements easy to identify and safe for use at home and in hospitals.

* Do you see those dots on the label? That’s Braille. Adding Braille to the label is one way we make our supplements more accessible to the vision impaired.

* cGMP. You might not know what this means, so if I may: cGMP stands for “Current Good Manufacturing Practices.” cGMP’s are established by the FDA and are a stringent set of practices and methods that must be followed to the letter by all pharmaceutical companies when producing pharmaceutical drugs to ensure the drug’s product quality. But wait!?!? You’re saying: “I know that supplements are not approved by the FDA and don’t need to live up to FDA cGMP and standards. Well, you’re right. BUT, an Expert Brand of Supplements does. And how do we ensure this? See the next bullet.

* An Expert Supplement Brand is produced in a pharmaceutical facility under a pharmacist’s license.

*NSF. Allow me to Elaborate: NSF stands for National Standard Formulary certification. NSF sets strict industry standards and is the ONLY third-party testing organization to undertake a complete evaluation of every aspect of a product’s development before it can earn certification. “Wow!” You’re asking, “Do all supplements meet NSF certification?” No. But we do. And why? Because you’re worth it. It’s true. Put that in your pocket and save it, if you like.

*An Expert Supplement Brand has a scientifically and technically correct label in which the source and dose of each nutrient are stated on each label.

Take a look at these labels. Pinnaclife “Expert Brand Supplement” is on the left, and a competing “Non-Expert Brand Supplement” is on the right. Feel Free to click on the picture to make it larger and more readable. You’ll notice a few similarities and a few differences. Lets take a look at the most glaring difference on the “Non-Expert” brand: The white space between the Nutrient and the Daily Percentage Value.

So what’s missing? And why is this important to you?

What’s missing is what is called the form. Indicated on the left on the Pinnaclife label (in parentheses), the (form) is the actual source of the nutrient, or where the nutrient is coming from.

For example, take a look at Vitamin A (the first line of each label). In Pinnaclife Supplements, 100% of Vitamin A in the supplement comes from betacarotene. In the competing brand, 29% of Vitamin A comes from betacarotene. This means that the remaining 71% of Vitamin A in the competing brand comes from some other source. But what other source, you ask? Take a look at the ingredients list below the competing brands Supplement Facts and figure it out. Can’t figure it out on your own? That’s ok. Not many people outside of the nutritional and pharmaceutical professions can either. You are not alone.

Now take a look at every other nutrient in the Pinnaclife Supplements. Take note of all of the (forms) listed next to the nutrients. Don’t see a form next to Folic Acid and Biotin and a couple more? That’s ok. Why? Because in those cases the nutrient is also the form. The are one in the same. Capiche?

Now… take a look at the competing brand’s supplement facts. You see all the nutrients, but outside of Vitamin A, where are all of those nutrients coming from? Any clue? Don’t worry, I don’t know either! It’s up to you, as the consumer, to look down to the ingredients list and identify all of the ingredients and know not only what they are but also what vitamins come from them and also their bioavailability. Are you up to the challenge?

I’m not. By choosing an Expert Brand Supplement, you don’t have to worry about identifying the forms of the nutrients and the bioavailability.

Let’s first identify what bioavailability is: The physiological availability of a given amount of a drug, as distinct from its chemical potency.

(aka the nutrient is delivered to the body’s cells in a (form) that the cells recognize and can use).

So what happens if the nutrients are delivered in a form that is not bioavailable? You got it. The nutrients are flushed away. Literally.

So why is this important?

Let me present this hypothetical scenario:

You need to take a drug that could save your life. You are given two options of drugs. For arguments sake, these two drugs correspond to the above two labels. When you present these two labels to your pharmacist, which one is he/she going to choose? Which on do you want him/her to choose? And remember… your life depends on it.

The answer: The “Expert Brand.” The expert brand guarantees the nutrient and (the form) and the daily percentage value. There is no question of bioavailability and no room for error. Any pharmacist could look at the Expert Brand label and say, “Yes. They got it right. This is the drug that’s going to work.”

Now let’s look at reality:

Perhaps you are taking Omega3 and Omega6 for your eyesight because you have a history of macular degeneration in your family. Which Omega3 and Omega6 do you take? The Expert brand, which guarantees the (form) and the quality and the correct proportion? Or the competing brand that gives you 100 capsules for $7 but doesn’t really tell you anything?

Perhaps you are taking Vitamin B3 for high cholesterol. Which brand will you take? The Expert Brand that gets it’s vitamin B3 from nicotinic acid, a (form) which is bioavailable to the body and can actually help improve your cholesterol numbers? Or the competitor’s brand who, after an extensive read through of the ingredients list, we discover presents it’s vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide – which is nice when used topically, but when taken orally is not effective in improving cholesterol numbers?

I can go on, but with this, I hope I’ve made it clear, Expert Brand Supplements are easy to use, they work, you can trust them and a pharmacist can look at them and say “Yes. They got it right.”

When your health relies on proper nutrition, don’t rely on anything less than an Expert Brand Supplement.

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