Bill Casale: Taking Control of his Health

Hello and Welcome Back!

I hope that each one of you has been doing great. It wasn’t too long ago that VP of Sales at Pinnaclife, Chris Hanson and I ventured out to Sunny Southern California for a week to meet with some people whose life journeys were affected and changed by Pinnaclife. For my friends on the Pinnaclife Racing Team, it was the opportunity to work with a sponsor who shares their goals and their vision. For Designer David Tupaz, it was the chance to help his clients feel as beautiful on the inside as they looked on the outside. And for Vietnam Veteran Bill Casale is was the support he needed to save his life.

Health is so much more than a sweet six pack of abs. It’s a quality of life, of mind, of body and of spirit, that entitles the healthy to live well. For those of us who have always been or felt healthy, living well is something that we don’t tend to think about too often. However, for those who have been sick, or who struggle each day with their health, living well is often a distant past and a seemingly unattainable goal. Bill Casale said it best when he told me during an interview “Unless you’ve been sick, and you wake up every day feeling sick and no one can explain what’s wrong with you – no one can give you a drug and say this will fix you – then you can’t appreciate what it feels like to wake up and feel ok. To wake up and feel fine. To wake up and feel good. To wake up and feel great.”

Since his exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, Bill has been on a forty year journey towards wellness, and we a Pinnaclife are honored to be a part of that journey and excited to share Bill’s story with you today. Thank you all for stopping by. Remember, at Pinnaclife, we’re always an advocate for your health.

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