Two Days of exciting visitors…

An exciting new partnership

Hi, and welcome back! Well, we’re finally getting settled back into the office after our trip and I’d like to say “back into our regular routine.” However, I’m quickly learning that the “Regular Routine” at Pinnicalife is in fact quite irregular as definitions go.

As Chris and I were wrapping up our trip out West, Dr. McCord headed East to Philadelphia to speak as a key presenter at the American Professional Wound Care Association’s 10th Annual Conference. She spoke at length about her science and her products, and my coworker Nancy was ecstatic to report on the amount of physicians and wound care specialists who visited the Pinnaclife booth and wanted to know more about the science of Olivamine.

When Chris and I landed in Des Moines, we were greeted by two things: The first was our new friend Bernadette Lomotan, and the second was the frigid winds associated with late winter/early spring Iowa. Being natives to the state, I guess we’d grown accustomed to them. Our new-found travel companion, however was not. Imagine the look on her face when Chris returned to the car after pumping gas with wind blown hair the likes of which Bon Jovi would be envious of.

Bernadette flew from Los Angeles, and due to our red-eye flight being delayed because of weather in Texas, spent four glorious hours waiting in the Des Moines International Airport. However, we soon learned that the wait was worth it. Bernadette is a world renowned jewelry maker and entrepreneur. She and Dr. McCord met in Las Vegas at the home of their mutual friend, designer David Tupaz. Originally from the Philippines, Bernadette is a world traveler with international connections such as the famously respected diplomat and former First Lady of the Philippines, Ms. Imelda Marcos. (Featured below with Bernadette and a copy of Dr. McCord’s book.)

Bernadette Lomotan and Former First Lady Imelda Marcos

Bernadette came to Iowa to meet with our team and talk about moving Pinnaclife supplements to a yet untapped market: Asia. During our interview, I spoke with Bernadette about her mission and aspirations. Much like the team at Pinnaclife, she too is committed to creating a happier, healthier world. We LOVE working with people like Bernadette. She operates on a level of sincerity and integrity that is unique in the world of international business. Her visit was short, but important, and I personally am looking forward to the future that she and Pinnicalife will share.

Bernadette Lomotan and Dr. Darlene McCord

As we waved goodbye to Bernadette, Dr. McCord, Nathan and I hit the road to the Quad Cities (or the QCA, as local TV sensation, Paula Sands, would say) to interview THE William Wesley of William Wesley Grand Salon.

Wiliam Wesley

Not only is William Wesley Dr. McCord’s personal hair and makeup stylist, he also runs one of the area’s most successful and exciting salons. Earlier this week, William Wesley and his son Noah introduced Pinnaclife supplements and the Remedy skin care line to the retail side of their salons. One of the direct results of taking Pinnaclife supplements is stronger, healthier hair and nails, so naturally, we knew that working with William Wesley Grand Salon and Blaze in Coralville would be a good decision and a perfect fit.

And finally, at the end of the week, a very special visitor stopped into the office. Diane Nukuri Johnson, world-class runner.

Dianna Nukuri Johnson

Diane and Dr. McCord met at a University of Iowa fundraising event and became fast friends — no pun intended. Diane is an accomplished athlete and a world class runner. She stopped in as she was finishing up a run to let us know that after years of training and winning, she had qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Congratulations Diane!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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