Pinnaclife Road Trip Day 4, 04/02/2011

Pinnaclife Racing Team

Hi! And Welcome Back! I’m letting you know in advance that today’s blog is going to be very picture-heavy. So if you’re one of those people who shys away from looking at fun pictures of great people doing cool things that may inspire you, then maybe this isn’t for you.

I had the opportunity today to do a couple of things: The first was to feel really self conscious about my physical state of being and the second — and far more memorable — was to meet a group of men who redefined fitness, health and wellness for me.

As you probably know, at Pinnaclife we’re committed to improving the health of every person in every country in the world. Some might hear that and think it’s a pretty lofty goal. Well, it is, but it’s one that Dr. McCord has been pursuing fervently for the better part of two decades, and one that I’ve gladly taken on as my own. In addition to providing the worlds best health and nutrition products — proven by science and by results — we reach out and support people and things that will help us reach our goal; that in themselves will improve the lives of the people whom they effect. We proudly donate funds to various scientific causes around the world, we give time, money and products to the Buruli Ulcer Foundation, we donate to a number of programs at the University of Iowa and we sponsor teams and events that are really making a difference.

The Pinnaclife Racing Team led by David Prechtl is one of these teams. Their mission is simple: to support and promote the sport of cycling through their experience and performance. The Pinnaclife team is a grassroots racing team made up of people who LOVE the sport of cycling and who compete at the highest level of Masters bicycle racing. They are truly ambassadors of their sport — each and every one of them committed to personal success and to supporting their teammates — and did I mention that team is made up of men all who are 45 years of age or older?

So it’s 7:00 in the morning. I’d gotten lost due to some detours on the 405 and I was anxiously checking the GPS while trying to eat my healthy (and not at all rushed) breakfast of coffee and tiny chocolate doughnuts. I pulled up to Cycle Pro in Lake Forest where the team was stretching, checking their gear and about to take off on their 45 mile practice race.

Team leader Dave Prechtl and his tandem bike partner Fritz Tomasello greeted us when we parked and after a brief safety introduction, we hit the road. With cameras in hand, I hung out the window of the rental car and recorded the team. Reaching speeds of up to 43.8 miles per hour, we coasted through the streets and towns of Southern California. At one point my hat and cellophane wrapper from my tiny chocolate doughnuts flew out the window. We turned the car around to pick them up and as I reached down and grabbed the sticky plastic from the pavement, I thought: Maybe I should have grabbed that apple on the way out this morning.

Every moment following was fast paced and exciting. Jumping in and out of the car to set stationary shots of the team. As a veteran of the US Army, Chris was excited to employ the skills learned in his anti-terrorism & anti-survealance driving school to the shoot. At times, I was terrified for my life, but he assured me that we were in good hands. Sometimes we would slow to barely moving and I thought I might fulfill a childhood aspiration of mine and barrel roll from the moving automobile. However, considering my breakfast, I wasn’t convinced I’d do much more than face-plant in the gutter. Stunts like these were better left to professionals and those who ate their Wheaties.

And suddenly, as quickly as it started, it ended. 45 miles on a bicycle completed in just under an hour. Feeling considerably more inspired than when we arrived, we eagerly jumped out of the car at Cycle Pro and congratulated the team. I brought out my still camera and conducted interviews with the athletes. There’s really only a couple words that can be used to describe the guys I spoke with. Awe inspiring, accomplished, dedicated, successful in sports and in life — to name a few. Their attitudes were contagious and the excitement they brought to the sport was felt by me and no doubt everyone they meet. But then again, they were winners. Winners who have worked hard to achieve their success and who continue to work hard to accomplish goals. They support healthy lifestyles and they support each other. Achieving health goals and finding success, I’m learning, is reliant on two things: Self accountability — finding the desire to compete, achieve and work hard. And, of course a little help from your friends.

Sunday, I’ll be heading to The Redlands to support the Pinnaclife Racing Team as the compete in the Redlands Criterium Mens 45+. Monday, I think I’ll buy that bike I’ve been talking about and eliminate tiny chocolate doughnuts from my diet.

PS Apparently saying that you are staying in Los Angeles when you are staying in Huntington Beach is as grave of a sin as saying you are from Chicago when you are really from Naperville. I’m still glad to be in Huntington Beach.

2 thoughts on “Pinnaclife Road Trip Day 4, 04/02/2011

  1. Sheila Hanson says:

    I just ate a banana instead of a chocolate chip muffin all thanks to you, Kevin! This added a nice bit of laughter to my day and I’m sure I’ll think of it several times and continue to laugh. The paragraph about Chris’ driving you wanting to do a barrel roll was so funny!


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