Pinnaclife Road Trip Day 2: 3/31/2011

sunset at the hangar

sunset at the hangar

Hi! And Welcome Back! It was an early rise kind of morning, and to my dismay I discovered there was no coffee pot in the hotel room! As a former hotel employee, I knew this overlooked Hilton Standard was something that simply wouldn’t stand. (I also noticed there was no bible in the bedside table, but I guess this was Las Vegas…) Thankfully, in the hotel lobby, I could buy coffee, caffeinated soda, caffeinated pills, water, gum, granola bars and maybe even a pair caffeinated socks if I really looked hard enough.

Before getting on the plane to Los Angeles, we had two important tasks to complete. 1) and 2) In And Out Burger.
Dream Vision Studios is a great Las Vegas Studio which is home to not only the Women in Film Nonprofit, but also the largest green screen and hard cyc in Nevada! Pinnaclife will be sponsoring the Grand Opening of Dream Vision Studios next week. In & Out Burger… It speaks for itself…

Chris and Shawn from Dream Vision Studio


Chris on the hard cyc at Dream Vision Studios


It begins...

It begins…


Double Double Animal Style at the In & Out Burger. The only way to go.


Chris Hanson Approved.


And then we wait…

After landing in Los Angeles, I refused to let Southwest Airlines get me down.

Southwest’s interpretation of “Handle with Care.”

We braved the 405 North from LAX to Van Nuys Airport where we met with our friend Bill Casale. Bill is a Vietnam Veteran and an Aviation Cinematographer. He has 18 major motion picture credits under his belt and has worked for decades with the US Government and private companies filming and documenting various airplanes in flight. Bill could talk for hours if not days about his life accomplishments and if the evening we shared with him is an indication of what he had to say, I could surely listen.

However, the purpose of our visit was a little more focused. We were here to speak with Bill about his health. Health is something that many of us who consider ourselves “healthy” take for granted. After speaking with Dr. Dave Nacos in Washington, IA last week about yearly physicals he said to me, “The sins of our youth catch up to us when we’re in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.” But in Bill’s case, it wasn’t so much the sins of his youth that put him where he was today, but misinformation and the carelessness of others.

Bill was one of the many who served our country in Vietnam and who, while there, was exposed Agent Orange. For those of you who don’t know, Agent Orange is a defoliant designed to kill vegetation but have little to no effect on humans and animals. Used extensively in Vietnam, the goal was to clear out vegetation around bases so the enemy would have less places to hide.

Sadly, as history shows us, when the soldiers returned home from Vietnam, many returned to unwelcoming crowds, and for people like Bill-who were exposed to Agent Orange- returned with what was the start of a lifetime of chronic illness.

Bill described his life post-Vietnam as a struggle. Weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatigue, a feeling of general unhealthiness and unwellness, and most recently, a June 2010 diagnoses with Prostate Cancer. Critics and physicians at the VA hospitals told him that he was imagining things. That he was a hypochondriac. He met with fellow vets who were all experiencing similar things with their health and receiving similar responses from trained professionals. After nearly fifteen years of fighting to be heard, the VA and the US government finally acknowledged that exposure to Agent Orange may be to blame for the Vets poor health.

Fast forward to 2010. 40 years of being sick later, Bill begins taking Pinnaclife supplements. If you’ve ever asked yourself “why do I do what I do?,” then I hope that you will meet someone like Bill Casale in your line of work. At Pinnaclife, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of people in every country in the world, and Bill is a shining example of our mission coming to fruition. I sat through my interview with Bill and learned about the hopelessness he felt with his condition. When he began taking the Pinnaclife supplements he instantly felt the effects of Olivamine. Outwardly, his general sluggishness and weariness began to fade. It became easier to wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night. He dropped 33 pounds in 16 weeks, and the painful varicose veins on face began to disappear. The noticeable physical changes began to change Bill’s mentality about life. Bill told me, “Unless you’ve been sick, and you wake up every day feeling sick and no one can explain what’s wrong with you – no one can give you a drug and say this will fix you – then you can’t appreciate what it feels like to wake up and feel ok. To wake up and feel fine. To wake up and feel good. To wake up and feel great.” Bill went on to talk about reuniting with old friends and army buddies since taking Pinnaclife, “People see me and do a double take.” He said, “I tell them I’m sixty going on forty.”

Our interview continued into the airplane and jet hangar where Bill works. As we toured the facilities, Bill showed me the ins and outs jet care and repair. The subtle beginnings of corrosion and rust that you or I might overlook on our own cars, bikes or even bodies for that matter, is caught and taken care of under the watchful eye of the crew of men who inspect these planes on a daily basis. No expense is spared because at 40,000 feet lives are at stake.

Bill and I continued to talk about having a positive attitude and having hope. He, himself is the kind of guy whom you can’t really not smile around. “Having hope and believing that your life can be better is sometimes all we’ve got.” Bill said, “Sometimes that’s all we need.”

It was after eleven o’clock at night when I started to tear down my gear and think about my 5:30 AM wake up call. The drowsiness of a huge dinner was setting in and Bill casually shared one final piece of information with me, which I’m going to share with you now. Every 60 days, Bill gets a blood test at the VA hospital. This is required in order for him to refill his prescription for his adult onset diabetes medication. Since taking Olivamie based Pinnaclife supplements, Bill’s blood pressure had dropped from dangerous to normal levels, his blood sugar levels are normal and the Prostate Cancer that was discovered in June of 2010 and threatened to to take his life was now gone. I’m excited for tomorrow.

bill and chris



Inside an engine


G4 Engine


Chris and his dream plane


Interviewing Bill

Bill and Chris looking at Vietnam Pics

PS I recently discovered that Chris LOVES Journey. And I’m talking about the full vocals-air guitar-freestyle drumming-type of love, which is just great. Cause I do too.

3 thoughts on “Pinnaclife Road Trip Day 2: 3/31/2011

  1. Sheila Hanson says:

    Enjoyed reading this and seeing the photos! You guys are covering a lot in a short time. Got a huge laugh out of the Journey comment!


  2. Bill Casale says:

    Chris Hanson & Kevin McCarthy,

    I want to thank both Chris Hanson & Kevin McCarthy for joining me in my world of an Aviation cinematographer. You should be very proud of Pinnaclife for their outstanding line of Supplements and the joy of wellness I have today because of My Best friend Tim Whalen (United Captain) who introduced me to the Supplements and to the people who understood the meaning of wellness, The McCords.

    I thank the Lord every day for Jim & Darleen McCord, for their ability to understand the needs of men & woman like me. At 62, I have out lived a lot of Veterans who were ill and committed suicide due to Agent Orange among other things. I’m getting better every day and I feel younger and I look younger.

    “Someday the people who make decisions will tell the truth” Until that time I’ll lean on the McCords to help us with our daily dose of wellness… Thank you Pinnaclife

    Bill Casale


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