Pinnaclife Road Trip! Day 1 3/30/2011

Hi! And Welcome Back! As many of you know, Dr. McCord of Pinnaclife is the new Health and Wellness expert on When she accepted this role she was charged with providing the best and most helpful information about health and wellness available. To do this, Dr. McCord reached out to some of her friends.

In Iowa, we’ve interviewed Dr. Dave Nacos of the Washington Family Clinic, Tony Burrier, Owner of Anytime Fitness in North Liberty and Dr. Sunil Sharma, Author and Proprietor of the East-West school in North Liberty.

Now we’re reaching out to our friends out west. Pinnaclife VP of Sales, Chris Hanson and I (Kevin Thomas McCarthy), headed out to Las Vegas for our first interview session with Fashion designer David Tupaz!

the best worst lunch around

The Best Worst Lunch in Minneapolis

Sperry Topsiders

Two of my favorite Things: Topsiders and escalator sidewalks.

The main reason I go to Minneapolis: Moving Sidewalks

And then we arrived in Las Vegas…

The Flamingo

New York, New York


After a very important and necessary poolside meeting, we made our way over to the home of Designer, David Tupaz. Not only were there autographed pictures of celebrities and fashion icons like Julia Roberts, Barbra Streisand, Donatella Versace and more everywhere, there were also priceless antiques from all over the world. I was in awe over vases from the Ancient Orient that Tupaz had allocated and preserved in his private collection. I’d watched “The King’s Speech” on the plane to Las Vegas and remember that Wallis Simpson from Baltimore was the woman for whom King David gave up the throne. Imagine the timely relevance I understood when I investigated the contents of a hutch and found pictures and papers from Wallis Simpson’s and Prince David’s wedding. The collection was truly incredible and fragile. On display on shelves, tables and desktops; priceless artifacts within arms reach. It really put things into perspective and gave me a renewed appreciation of art, history and beauty. That being said, I’ve also never been more terrified of setting up an interview set.

The interview with Tupaz was as interesting and exciting as his home. Naturally, his appreciation and respect for beautiful, historical art spills over to his views of fashion and wellness. He spoke passionately about style being an attitude and not a name brand, dressing to fill roles in life and of course the principal of “looking good and feeling good.” Tupaz added, “In our quest to find beauty in the world, we have a responsibility to ourselves to dress and feel beautiful.”

I’m very excited to meet with Tupaz again today to finish our interview. Then it’s off to Los Angeles. Thank you again! I’ll keep you posted!

Speaking with David Tupaz

David Tupaz

Designer, David Tupaz

The tailors best friend

David Tupaz Designs

Renderings. The artistic process

The place setting for our post-interview home made dinner

Just a glimpse of the Designer’s home.

And PS: I won $60 at the quarter slots. High Roller.

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