Press Release: Pinnaclife’s Dr. Darlene McCord to speak at the Annual American Professional Wound Care Association Conference

Hello everyone, welcome back! Take a look at the press release below. We are very excited about this. Dr. McCord is a leader in the field of skin and wound care and her Olivamine based skin care products are the best products available today. We are excited to talk about these products and to talk about the Olivamine based Pinnaclife Supplements. Stop by the booth and say hello if you make it to the conference!

Friday, April1st, 2011. The American Professional Wound Care Association’s 10th annual conference

Dr. Darlene McCord, PhD., FAPWCA, is a world-renowned scientist in the field of Epigenetics and operates an internationally recognized, multi-million dollar grossing company. Known for her work as a biochemist in skin and wound care, she has been issued two patents and six medical devices in the field. She currently has more than 30 skin health products being sold around the world. Her Remedy product line is the number one selling skin and wound care line available in hospitals today and her Pinnaclife Supplement company is quickly becoming one of the most recognized and respected global healthcare companies that provides effective nutritional programs for at-risk people.

The American Wound Care Association is excited to welcome Dr. McCord as a key speaker at their 10th annual conference, held in Philadelphia, PA on Friday, April 1st, 2011. Dr. McCord will be addressing a topic that has been a central focus of her research and her success, The Life and Death of Cells: Managing skin cells from the inside out. “I’ve been a proud member of the APWCA for years and I believe in the organization and it’s goals.” Dr. McCord said, “I’ve committed my life to improving the lives of people in every country in the world, and the support I receive from the AWPCA is invaluable. I’m happy to report my findings and successes to my peers and colleagues with the hope that may use this information to benefit those who they strive to help.”

Dr. McCord will be available to answer questions following her presentation at the Pinnaclife booth.

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