Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hello All! Welcome back! I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very happy St. Patricks Day! Today is a great day to celebrate no matter what your Heritage. For those of us who are lucky enough to be born Irish (myself included) it’s a great day to remember our roots and renew our sense of pride. For everyone else…. It’s a great day to be Irish for a day!

Here at the Pinnaclife office, Julie worked very hard to personalize St. Paddy’s Day themed cookies for everyone. Thanks Julie! Julie’s efforts made me feel very special and made me break my diet. Cookies = Secret guilty pleasure.

So, everyone have fun today! Take a moment to relax and be happy. Throw on as much green as you can find! And if it’s your thing, and you’ll be joining one of the many who will be drinking green beer, remember to drink responsibly.

And in the spirit of “going green” today, think about putting one more Green thing into your body: Pinnaclife Olivamine Essential. Treat yourself right. You Deserve it! Happy St Paddy’s Day!


Made by Julie for all of us!

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