An Exciting Endeavor with

Welcome back! This week has been as exciting one at the Pinnaclife corporate office in Coralville. As many of you know, Pinnaclife has been working very closely with the creators of the innovative new social website Looplane. Found online at, this site is a new lifestyle community focusing on positive healthy living, engaging entertainment and more. Because of her efforts and successes in the healthcare field, Dr. McCord has been invited to serve as the Health and Wellness Expert on the site.

In short: We’ve been given the opportunity to reach thousands of people and impart crucial information that will keep people living healthy and vibrant lives. It has always been our mission at Pinnicalife to improve the quality of life of people in every country of the world. This collaboration will bring us closer to doing just that.

What’s very exciting are the new developments we are making here in Coralville in regards to HOW we will get this information out. In addition to some question and answer sessions as well as Dr. McCord’s published articles, we’ve decided to get everyone involved.

We’d like to know: what’s important to YOU?

Think about it: How many times have you heard someone say: “Oh, you should go see a Chiropractor,” or “you should just start taking these pills,” or “you should invest in a specialist,” or anything along those lines, and then been left saying, “Thanks for the advice…” but still wondering WHY you should see these specialists or take these pills. Or HOW do you choose the doctor that’s right for you? WHAT should I look for in a Pharmacist? WHEN should I start or stop taking nutritional supplements?

Instead of just soliciting generic advice, we’re getting in touch with specialists from around the area and across the US. We’ll be publishing short videos that will easily help you answer all these important question you have about your health and wellness. We’ve already got some great questions that we’ll be answering soon, so…

What questions do you have? Please, let’s work together to educate ourselves.

Follow Pinnaclife on Twitter and on Facebook. Let us know what you want to know!



This is an exciting new endeavor and we’re happy to let you be a part of it from the very beginning. There’s more to come. I promise to keep you posted.

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