Why Is Living Healthy A Journey?

As we work on digging ourselves out of this Blizzard that has hit the Midwest, we will continue on with the topic of neurogastroenterology of the body’s two brains and gut.

You often hear Dr. McCord refer to good health as a journey, and some might not think of that way, it is important to realize that living healthy really is a journey. It is the journey of the nutrients from the mouth to the bowel. This food chain is the story from ingestion, digestion, and absorption of nutrients. It is shaped by the cooperation of the lower brain and your immune system and is linked to every cell in your body. The bowel is the first defender against toxins and pathogins and its fight for your survival as it sorts out the good guys from the bad guys all happens with no help from the upper brain. Sometimes when we think about this, for example when you have something not very good to eat without taking your vitamins with it, that happens to be your upper brain with no regard acting out in defiance against your lower brain. That lower brain has 47 trillion cells in your body to feed, nourish, and protect. We need to train that upper brain to work with the lower brain and make better choices such as by taking those vitamins.

The Pinnaclife Complete Health Solution is the perfect solution to the lower brain health. Each product contains nutrients that are known to keep your bowel healthy. Taking our product should be a no brainer. There are two major elements required for bowel health. The bowel needs a strong anti inflammatory to protect it from disease and also antioxidants are essential for protection starting in the gut. No nutrient plan is more effective on delivering  these two requirements than the Pinnaclife Complete Health Solution.

In case you missed it on an earlier post, check out the video we have put together on our two brains.






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