The Functions of Our Two Brains

I hope you enjoyed last week’s topic on beginning your own journey towards good health. Just to recap for anyone who may have missed the posts, it is so important for your health to make a few quick changes to live a healthier lifestyle. The most important step is making sure your physician is ordering you the proper health tests so you can be sure to measure your progress. Having your blood work done, checking your C-reactive protein scores, etc. are so important as you begin your personal journey. Some ask if they can afford to “live a healthier life.” We want to challenge you and ask you a simple question. Do you regularly purchase a cup of coffee each morning before starting your day? Or do you stop at a bagel shop to purchase breakfast each morning? If you do, then it is apparent you can afford to live healthy with Pinnaclife. The cost of our supplements per day is cheaper than your daily cup of coffee and will go a long ways in your journey towards good health!

This week we want to discuss Neurogastroenterology. Understanding your nervous system and your gut are important in understanding your overall health. One reason why it is so important to learn about the gut and this topic is that it is Dr. Darlene McCord’s belief that 100% of diseases begin in the gut and in the stomach. So it is important to understand everything there is to know about the gut and why this may be happening. We address all of our products with the world “miracle” in front of them, but the real miracle is the human body and the digestive system. If we learn to take care of our digestive system we are going to live well and live well past one hundred. So how can a collection of ugly, smelly organs be of interest to anyone. This topic may not be appealing to you, but it really is important a thing of beauty and its important we know how it works. The digestive system is a super intelligent system that controls every aspect of your life and your health. Your digestive system is made up of a collection of independent organs known as the bowel.

The body has two brains

Each and every one of us has two brains. Yes, that is right! We all have two brains. One in the head and the other in the bowel. None of us typically think that, but the brain in your digestive system is vital in our body. The bowel is made up of the small and large intestine and is the only organ that contains an independent nervous system. It is able to control reflexes without any input from the upper brain (the one you think with in your head). We will refer to your lower brain as the brain in the digestive system. Here is an important fact for you all to remember:

There are more nerve cells in your digestive system (large intestine, stomach, and esophagus) and your gut than your entire central nervous system.

So as we talk about taking care of cells, think about how many nerve cells are dependent on us to protect them from free radical damage and inflammation. It is so important we start with our healing system in the gut and we work through the bowel. We don’t put much thought into how the two brains work together. Think about this, at breakfast this morning you may have read the newspaper, talked on phone, etc. while eating your food. You had two brains working! Your upper brain sorts through information and thoughts from newspaper or from the conversation on the phone, and independently your lower brain sorted through all of the information and facts (calories, nutrients, etc.) from the food you may have been eating at the time. So your two brains are completely independent of the other.

It is important to notice that when a person goes into a coma and the upper brain has failed, your lower brain can keep you alive. However, when your lower brain fails, your upper brain is one of the first to go. So its vital to take care of the lower brain!

We have put together this video featuring the two brains in our body. For additional videos, please visit the Pinnaclife YouTube Channel.

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