Journey Towards Good Health

We want to begin today by saying “If you don’t need supplements or vitamins to live healthy, we want to congratulate you and wish you the best of luck.” But for the rest of us, that live a stressful live, breathe in toxins, drink water that is treated with chemicals, don’t always eat organic meals, eat fast food, processed food, etc. Then you need supplements and vitamins to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Everyday we have to decide how we are going to spend our money that we have available. Making a living and supporting ourselves is not easy. When asking to add a wellness program can be expensive, but you need to stop and think about how important it is. Most of you don’t hesitate to purchase that expensive coffee each morning. Some of those daily purchases are much more expensive than the cost of supplements per day. Your liver would much prefer healthy nutritional supplements over a coffee each morning.

Have you ever walked by a man or woman that is bald from chemotherapy, or a diabetic with a amputated foot, or someone in a wheelchair due to a stroke? We bet that any one of those people would take back a few years and make better choices for a healthier life. The choices you make daily can have a significant effect on your overall health and you can start today!

Exercise is one aspect of your journey to better health!

Have you started your journey towards good health?


2 thoughts on “Journey Towards Good Health

  1. Jaclyn Rae says:

    “Most of you don’t hesitate to purchase that expensive coffee each morning.”

    That is such a great point. Many of us say it’s “too expensive” to eat healthy and take care of our bodies, but we don’t hesitate to stop by Starbucks every morning. I recently quit coffee and transitioned into a much healthier lifestyle, so I really appreciate this article. Well said 🙂


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