How Do You Know If You Are Healthy?

As we continue on today with our talk on the journey towards good health, we want to start with a little test so ask yourself these questions: Start by visualizing your liver in your body, it is real, it is working for you, it is protecting your body from toxic chemicals, but you can not see it, so how do you know if it is healthy? Ask yourself, are you getting enough vitamin B, Taurine, Cysteine, and Hydroxytyrsol to complete phase I and phase II of detoxification.

The answer to that question,

is probably NO.

Without a blood test to check your liver function, you do not have a clue and either does your physician. The health of your liver is not by observation it is by testing, blood testing. Lets take a minute and check a few other organs. How is your blood, blood vessels, or your eyes and your macular tonight. Most people really do not know. So when you go to the physician for a physical examination and your physican gives you the quick exam. How do they know your liver is healthy, or your heart, or other vital organs in your body. How do they know that your immune system is strong enough to protect you from cancer cells entering our body.

They don’t

Is your physician ordering you a blood test or C-reactive protein Test?

It is important you are meeting with your physician regarding the proper health tests you need for a healthy body.

It is so important to get the proper test for these health conditions. Nobody can tell you from the outside of your body if your inner organs are operating at the optimal health levels. If you are serious about beginning your journey towards good health, the first step is getting these tests ordered when you meet with your physician.

Pinnaclife encourages you to meet with your physicians regularly but in the meantime, find out if you are at risk for various diseases with the free Pinnaclife Health Evaluation.



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