Importance of Blood Work and C-reactive Protein Scores

This week we are going to focus on your journey towards good health. We at Pinnaclife think it is important to reflect on your life and your health. Dr. McCord has had to reflect on her life many times as she too, is a cancer survivor. Dr. McCord’s Oncologist failed her in many ways as she was battling cancer and she has no doubt that your physicians have been failing you as well. Her oncologist did not order blood tests that she knows are very important. Dr. McCord had to fight to get these tests added to her orders and why is that? As you may have heard us explaining this before, getting your blood tested is vital to your health. If your physician is not recommending you get your blood checked, take it in your own hands to jumpstart your journey towards good health. These tests will provide you with answers as to your current health state and what changes need to be made for you to live a long and healthy life, disease free.

Another test we highly encourage you all have done, is your C-reactive protein score. Dr. McCord has personally seen her C-reactive scores drop significantly while taking the Pinnaclife supplements. This is the one test that is extremely important to detect in cancer patients. When this number is high in a cancer patient, the cancer has often returned. Dr. McCord continually emphasizes the importance of this test so along with your blood work, having your C-reactive protein scores can do so much for you on your journey! These scores you receive are your health report cards and will help you track your progress on your path towards living more healthy. The Pinnaclife products are so good and we want you all to use them to your advantage.

Are you on your Journey Towards Good Health

Begin your Journey Towards Good Health With Pinnaclife Today!


For more information on the Pinnaclife Blood Work program, please visit the Lab Corp Blood Testing Program.








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