Are You Looking to Reduce the Risk for Heart Disease?

We want to wrap up this week beginning with the Pinnaclife miracleOlivamine Mineral Boost. Magnesium is absolutely essential for proper cardiac function. It allows for heart muscles and relaxation as part of the normal cardiac cycle. In a study conducted at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, it was found that 100% of patients admitted to coronary care unit experiencing arrhythmias had complete revolution with administered IV magnesium over a 5 hour period. Further, they found that magnesium injections following bypass surgery reduced heart rhythm irregularities by 50%. After three months of oral magnesium supplementation, platelets dependents thrombosis were reduced by 35% in nearly 75% of the patients. In a study in JAMA, it was reported that 90% of the participating physicians, NEVER think to check magnesium levels in patients. And those that do, run the wrong test for magnesium levels. Can you believe that? This was reported in the Journal of American Medical Association. They reported that 90%  physicians never even think to check the magnesium levels in patients!

Now we want to finish with the Miracle Olivamine Essential Supplement. The ingredients in this product are so critical for a healthy heart. They are so important that an entire presentation could be given over the benefits of the nutrients found in this supplement. Lets begin with Taurine. Taurine is the most important and abundant amino acid in the heart surpassing the combined quality of all others. Under high stress conditions, hypertension, and many forms of heart disease, the need for Taurine increases. Taurine also helps reduce blood pressure. In studies done for Japanese researches, it was found that 3 grams of taurine administered daily with patients with congestive heart failure was more effective than 30 Mg of CoQ10. Taurine protects the potassium levels inside the heart cells during cardiac arrhythmias.

Is Olivamine Essential good for your health?

Hydroxytyrosol is another very important nutrient we recommend for cardiovascular disease. Heart cells contain approximately 2000 mitochondria per cell. Hydroxytyrosol is not only the most potent of the anti-oxidants currently known, it is the only one involved with the activation of Manganese SOD. It has been proven to increase the manganese SOD levels in the mitochondria leading to cell recovery and a return to normal cell cycle. Heart cell death is controlled by the mitochondria and hydroxytyrosol is the only mitochondria protectant we know.

In conclusion, none of us want to have cardiovascular event or be transported to a hospital with a heart issue. By paying attention to your exercise, diet, and adding our nutritional supplements to your life, you can improve your survival odds by up to 73%. Don’t risk your health and your life by not taking supplements. Visit the Pinnaclife – Cardiovascular Disease research page for more information.

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