Cardiovascular Disease – Learn the Basics

We want to begin today with a statistic for you. 80 Million American adults, 1 in 3, have one or more types of cardiovascular disease according to the American Heart Association. 38 million of these adults are over the age of 60. Nearly 24,000 Americans die each day from cardiovascular disease which represents 1 every 37 seconds. Why must so many of us die from this disease, when in the same report in American Heart Association, by eating a Mediterranean diet including lots of olives, having greater physical activity, this way people can lower there rates and their risks from the cause of death by 65-73%. This reduction not only includes cardiovascular disease, this also accounts for cancer, diabetes, and other diseases also. This is saying that by making simple lifestyle changes you could reduce your risk of dying by up to 73%.

Olivamine and our complete line of products is based entirely off the Mediterranean diet and hydroxytyrosol from green olives. There is no other supplements that can do so much to help protect people from cancer and cardiovascular disease. Why are so many Americans complacent about the dangers of this disease. Is it possible that we continue to look for a simple answer and hope that by taking a single pill we can continue without understanding the root cause of the disease. The answer can be found in the following quote:

For every complicated problem there is a solution that is simple, direct, understandable, and wrong”

Every 37 seconds one of us makes a dead wrong decision. Lifestyle changes and supplements can reduce the health risks associated with cardiovascular disease up to 73% without other statin drugs. Yet in 2006, 13.1 million prescriptions were written each month. Each pill cost around $5. It cost more to take a statin drug each day than it would the entire line of Pinnaclife supplements. There are about 20 million Americans taking statin drugs. Since 1987, we have gone from not needing statin drugs to issuing more than 13 million prescriptions per month.

Treatment with Pinnaclife products, we are in the prevention business and we have our sights set on helping millions of people. The Pinnaclife products will take people on a journey of good health. The 5 pinnaclife products were developed to work together and the ingredients are perfectly balanced.

We encourage you to visit our cardiovascular research page on the Pinnaclife website. You will find a great overview, video, articles, and the opportunity to take a free health test.


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