Important Nutrients for Diabetics

We are finishing this week out by focusing on several nutrients found in the Pinnaclife supplement line that can help you all with your fight with diabetes. Each product in the Pinnaclife supplement line has many benefits we want you to know about.

We begin today focusing on the essential fatty acids found in the Pinnaclife Omega 3 Product. As we have mentioned, the risk of cardiovascular disease is higher in those with diabetes. Some believe the risk might be higher by nearly 60%. So when we look at the need for Omega-3 fatty acids for diabetic patients, these patients have a higher risk for getting heart disease and this is not associated with other traditional risk factors such as obesity and hypertension. This increased risk is just associated with the patients being diabetic. The EPA and DHA found in the Pinnaclife’s Omega-3 supplement keep the cell membrane healthy and allow for improved function of insulin receptors and increase responsiveness to insulin. EPA reduced plasma lipids and increases glucose disposal. EPA according to research done in 2002, demonstrated the ability to reduce insulin resistance by improving blood lipid levels. One question always surfaces with the relationship to omega-3 supplements and that is regarding purity. The Pinnaclife supplements are the purest available and as we have shared with you before, the level of PCB’s in the Pinnaclife products is 20,000 times lower than the 10 biggest companies in California being sued under the prop 65 laws. Purity is essential and nobody compares to Pinnaclife.

Next we want to discuss the importance of fiber as it pertains to diabetics. It is so important to understand how vital fiber is to your health. Fiber is found in the Pinnaclife – Fiber Cleanse Product. Patients with diabetes consuming at least 25 grams of soluble fiber and 25 grams of insoluble fiber reduced blood glucose levels by an average of 10%. The addition of fiber should be done slowly though. Once the body accepts the addition of one scoop of the Pinnaclife Fiber Cleanse, slowly add in another scoop until you reach up to 25 grams of soluble fiber per day. The insoluble fiber, which mostly comes from vegetables and some fruits, must come from a diet of 4-5 servings of vegetables per day. For more information on this nutrient, visit Pinnaclife Nutrients – Fiber.

Another very important nutrient we want to focus on is Hydroxytyrosol, which is a key component in the Olivamine formula, meaning it is found in all of the Pinnaclife products. However, it is mostly found in the Pinnaclife Essential product. Hydroxytyrosol is an effective anti-oxidant agent dealing with oxidative stress and free radicals. In addition to the role with diabetes, this nutrient is beneficial with its role of reducing inflammation. It protects against the liver, cardiovascular disease, and more. For a complete description on this vital nutrient, visit Pinnaclife Nutrients – Hydroxytyrosol.

We want to finish today discussing Magnesium. Deficiency in magnesium interrupts insulin secretion and its activity. Magnesium is involved and improves the transport of glucose to the cells. Magnesium is found in the Pinnaclife Mineral Boost product. Magnesium has been found to restore levels and improving insulin sensitivity and metabolic control of type II Diabetic patients. It has also been found that after starting supplementation, after just 30 days, the levels of magnesium in diabetic patients may be lower. This is the result of the body storing magnesium. It is important to remember though that after 30 days, diabetic patients can enjoy the benefits of magnesium supplementation and magnesium levels will rise.  Read more in the nutrient at Pinnaclife Nutrients – Magnesium.

As we work towards our goal of becoming a credible and reliable educational source for our readers, we have updated our disease research pages on our website. These pages offer great videos, disease overviews, research articles, and more so you can easily learn and understand the risks associated with each disease. Visit the Pinnaclife Diabetes Research Page for more information on this week’s topic.

If you missed it earlier this week, we encourage you to watch the Pinnaclife – Diabetes video we have put together for you that explains the disease in depth in just a few short minutes!

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