Learn the Basics – Diabetes

This week we are going to focus on diabetes and how Pinnaclife can help you or your loved ones with their battle with diabetes. Before we get into this week’s topic, we want to remind you that if you missed last weeks posts over Cancer, we encourage you to check them out. The following posts over cancer can be found at:

There is a lot of great information and we hope you all take the time to educate yourself on the benefits of Pinnaclife supplements!

We are going to focus on Type II Diabetes in this post. This type of diabetes typically effects middle aged people and there are an estimated 20 million Americans with type II Diabetes. There are another 40 million Americans with what is known as pre-diabetes. In among those 40 million with pre-diabetes, nearly 5 million people have failed to be tested. It is our goal to help one diabetes patient at a time and to spread the Olivamine story with all of you!

While working towards our goal of decreasing the number of amputations that are caused by diabetes, we are going to focus on a few products that Dr. Darlene McCord has developed to help you with your battle with Diabetes. Dr. McCord has had amazing success with her Remedy skin care products and these products have helped many avoid amputations caused from Diabetes. With the success Dr. McCord has had treating this disease topically, she wanted to develop a way to treat people with diabetes from the inside out. A few statistics for you to help put diabetes in perspective:

  • Diabetes accounts for nearly 178,000 deaths in America annually
  • 54,000 amputations per year
  • 20,000 cases of blindness annually

One symptom you should specifically watch for include skin tags and are associated with glucose numbers. They are found primarily on the neck, armpits, and groin regions. Approximately 62% of patients with skin tags, something in which we can all physically see, are found to have diabetes or be pre-diabetic and have a much higher risk for coronary disease. One thing that is very exciting to see is watching skin tags disappear while taking Olivamine and is a very positive sign for their health!

Pinnaclife - Diabetes

With all of the drugs and everything else we are doing to reduce diabetes, is the incidences of diabetes in America going in the right direction? The answer is no. The incidences of Type II diabetes with those 40 years and older has risen nearly 70% in the last decade. A disease once associated with middle age and a life of bad health and lifestyle choices, is now even showing up in teenagers. The reason includes lack of exercise and poor diets. Today, teenagers with high blood pressure, obesity, and poor lifestyle choices should be regularly checked for diabetes. Children today are now estimated to have shorter life spans than their parents. Obesity is the single most important predictor of diabetes. It is no fluke that between 50-90% of diabetics are overweight.

We will continue to discuss obesity and also venture into other topics relating to Diabetes tomorrow so be sure to come back to read more!

For more information on Diabetes and the research Dr. McCord has completed, please visit Pinnaclife Research – Diabetes.

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