Take Omega-3 Supplements for a Cancer Free Life

Today we are focusing on the importance of Omega 3 and the Pinnaclife miracleOlivamine Omega 3 supplement. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid and must be provided to the body to sustain life. When you use essential and we use it very carefully, it means that the body does not produce it. Which means it is essential to the diet and it must come from nutrient intake because it is not produced naturally from the body.

In a research study done in 2001, it was reported that omega-3 has significant effects and seemed to prolong the survival of patients that have become malnurshished due to their cancer and the treatment. The consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids can slow the growth of cancer, increase of ethicasy of chemotherapy and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and cancer itself. It was further reported that omega-3 lowered the incidences of breast, prostate, and colon cancers. Omega-3 can also slow or stop the growth of metastatic cancer cells to the extent that omega 3 fatty acids were able to improve the longevity outlook of cancer patients and improve there quality of life.

miracleOlivamine Omega-3 Ingrediants

For more information and a complete product description, visit Pinnaclife – miracleOlivamine Omega 3.

If you happened to miss the posts from earlier this week, we recommend viewing this quick video we have put together for you on Cancer. Dr. Darlene McCord shares her insights with you below:

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