How Vitamins & Minerals can help with Cancer

As we continue our weekly topic on Cancer. We have more great information from Dr. Darlene McCord on Cancer. If you have not watched our short cancer video, we definitely recommend it and you can find it at the end of the post!

As cancer is a growing concern as we all age, it is time we start thinking about ways to prevent the disease from taking over our lives. It is important we find ways to keep cells from free radical damage. Olivamine reduces the free radicals in our body that attack our cells and their structures. The cells do not want to go rogue and will do anything to remain healthy. Age Matters! The younger a person is when they start using Olivamine, the more likely they are to have healthy cells that will protect them from the disease. If a person starts taking supplements at age 25, the risk for cancer may end for them. If your cells are healthy, cancer cells can not establish and they will die instead of turning into a tumor. What can we do for ourselves from the environment we live in? What will protect us from the air we breath? We have to fight back!

For thousands of years, healing with plants and minerals has been a standard of care. What this means is that healing has value from the nutrients and these nutrients include vitamins and minerals. It remains a standard of care throughout the world today. It is only in western medicine that has failed so many of us. We have gone to a toxic chemical and aggressive procedures that appear to not be working very well with isolation with more traditional healing. There are many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the Pinnaclife products.

What nutrients are important for your health that Full-Spectrum offers? Here are a few we have selected to focus on today. Click each nutrient to read a full description.

Vitamin A

B Vitamins

Vitamin C

Vitamin D3

Vitamin E


These are just a select few of all the nutritional benefits of the Full-Spectrum Multi-Vitamin that can help prevent cancer cells from your body. For a complete list, visit Pinnaclife’s Full-Spectrum Multi-Vitamin.

Take a few minutes to view the video we have put together for you – Dr. McCord – Understanding Cancer

2 thoughts on “How Vitamins & Minerals can help with Cancer

  1. David Emerson says:

    The most important question to answer in discussing cancer is “does anti-oxidant supplementation (vitamins and minerals) interfere with conventional chemo and radiation? Quite the opposite- vitamin/mineral supplementation before, during and after therapy will increase the efficacy of chemo/radiation while minimizing the toxic side effects.

    David Emerson


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