Learn the Basics – Cancer

Happy New Year! One change we are making for the new year is we will now begin having a weekly topic featured on our blog. There will be multiple posts each week on each topic so be sure to come back each day to read more on the topic. This first week’s topics is over Cancer!

We will begin talking about what Cancer is. Cancer is not ONE disease, it is many diseases. It is caused when the immune system is losing the battle with toxins, free radicals, and other damaging elements that enter the body and enter the cells. Did you ever say to yourself ” I didn’t see that coming.” It may be when a car runs a red light or a friendship that ended abruptly. Cancer is what happens when your immune system is blindsided. Cancer starts out as a normal cell, that through a series of events fail to die a programmed death known as apoptosis, or fail to go into a resting cycle called quiescence. Once a cell commits to being a cancer cell, it is by definition a cell that cannot get out of cell cycle and it will not experience apoptosis or quiescence. So it becomes an immortal cell. This process may take several years and a person may have millions of pre-cancerous cells in their body.

Are you Cancer Free?

The risk of most cancers is related to age. The reason for this is that it takes years and decades for damaged cells and their DNA and mitochondria to accumulate to a point of no return. We all have DNA damaged cells and that makes them in some ways pre-cancerous. By the time a person is around 40, the cells DNA has accumulated around 1 Million abnormalities to its structure. With age though, this number can increase to nearly 2 million. Your immune system gradually becomes worse with age and that impacts the bodies ability to fight off cancerous cells. 1 in 3 of all people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 1 in 4 people will die from the disease. So what do we have to do to be in that other 2/3 of people who are not diagnosed. Start by watching the cancer video below. This short video summarizes Dr. McCord’s talk on cancer in just a few minutes.

Other resources for you include reading up on the nutrients in the Pinnaclife Products. These can save your life! Don’t let another minute pass by. Start the new year off with a different mindset. We can all beat cancer!

To read more on Dr. Darlene McCord and her work, visit her Biography.

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