Olivamine helps with Inflammation

Below you will find a written testimonial from Mike & Debie from Quincy, IL who have both taken the Olivamine supplements and have seen great results so far!

Mike & Debies’ Story

My name is Debie and I have had chronic lower back pain for many years and have been trying to avoid having back surgery. I just turned 55 but I feel too young to let back pain interfere with my life. I was scheduled to start a series of shots in my back for pain management. When the chiropractor suggested letting him try a series of adjustments instead, I had my doubts because no one has had much success trying to adjust me. The tightness and inflammation complicated any manipulations and I haven’t been able to turn my neck freely to the left for the last couple of years. The idea of shots or surgery or even simple adjustments made me want to run so I put off doing anything.

Thanks to Chris and Sheila I started taking the Pinnaclife supplements. After about 2 1/2 months on the complete program I decided I was going to try the treatment suggested by the chiropractor. To my amazement he was able to adjust my lower back, up my spine, and even my neck. His reaction was “Wow! I didn’t expect that to happen!” The short time I have been on the products has helped so very much with the inflammation! I just wasn’t realizing the subtle, wonderful changes going on in my body.

More exciting news! Mike (soon to be 53) has only been on the products for one month and, just as Dr. McCord said, he is watching his skin tags disappear. Three months before taking the supplements Mike had been told by his doctor that he was pre-diabetic. As Dr. McCord has said in her talks, skin tags are an indicator for pre-diabetes and all but one have vanished! And, after many years of painting on stilts he was having problems with his hips but now his hips are not catching and are virtually pain free. Amazing!

We have both had the complete blood work done that is recommended by Dr. McCord and are both excited to see what happens from here!

Mike & Debie

Mike & Debie


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