Magnesium and Vitamin D3 form miracle mineral boost!

Let’s take a moment and begin with magnesium. Do you know that without magnesium all of your cells would die? Magnesium is critical to life itself and yet we overlook it as we evaluate our nutritional status. It may just be your “missing link” in wellness. The kinetics and cellular signaling of your body is dependent upon the electrical transmissions initiated by magnesium. Magnesium concentration in the cells is approximately 10,000 times greater than calcium. Magnesium guards the entrance of our cells, carefully controlling the amount of calcium allowed in, then it quickly removes the calcium after its usefulness has been completed.

Magnesium works inside our cell’s mitochondria, just like hydroxytyrosol and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), to help these cellular engines perform and produce the engery necessary for life itself. Magnesium is also synergistic with dozens of other vitamins and minerals used in the Pinnaclife products.

Calcium is not the answer and we as a soceity are “overdosed” on calcium. Calcium does not even work without the “orchestration” of magnesium. When we provide the body with too much calcium the calcium blocks magnesium, making the problem worse. If you want healthy strong bones, the pathway is magnesium and vitamin D3, not calcium.

Now lets talk about Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is to vitamins what magnesium is to minerals. Vitamin D3 deficiency is just as prevalent as magnesium deficiency, but the cause is not our diets, it is our use of sunscreens. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin but it is in face a hormone. It is formed by a cellular reaction to the sun within our skin cells. When we block the sun from our skin, especially on our children, we are putting them and us at great risk. Many of the preventable diseases that have mushroomed in the past decade or so are directly related to our use of sunscreens.

Many people think they can get sufficient amounts of Vitamin D from fortified milk, but its vitally important to always check the label. Most major brands use Vitamin D2 and not the more expensive D3. D2’s potency is less than a third of vitamin D3. I consider this a false promise on the part of the dairy industry.

Vitamin D deficiencies are linked to the scientific literature to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and a myriad of other potentially fatal diseases. Vitamin D, more than any other vitamin, can help you live longer and stay healthy. When combined with the correct balance of magnesium, calcium, and Olivamine10 it provides a platform for good health and a long life!

The Pinnaclife Mineral Boost Supplements combine all of these vitamins and minerals to create a scientifically superior products that provide the perfect balance required for cellular performance.

To learn more about these two nutrients or any others, please visit Pinnaclife Nutrients.

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