Olivamine Use for Elite Athletes

Improving the body’s innate ability to perform under stress and increased oxidative damage requires knowledge of the redox process. Antioxidants found in Olivamine are helpful in the recovery and protective functions but only N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) is associated with the restoration of glutathione.

NAC along with its co-factors vitamins B3 and B6 prevented the decline of intracellular glutathione levels and increased activity of the enzyme responsible  for recycling and restoring glutathione to normal levels, protecting cells from oxidative stress. In a study it was found that NAC improved exercise endurance time by 25% compared with placebo while significantly reducing levels of oxidative molecules.

Hydroxytyrosol efficiently protects against the oxidative stress mediated reduction in force production of isolated skeletal muscle. Furthermore, the supplementation of hydroxytyrosol in healthy men considerably boosts the antioxidant capacity of blood and muscle and attenuates the rise in plasma lactate during exercise.

For more information on Olivamine, please click here.

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