The Miracle of Opportunity

After developing, testing, and verifying the results of her new products, Dr. McCord carefully considered how she was going to make them available to the world. Like her topical skin care products containing Olivamine, she could no doubt license this breakthrough Olivamine nutritional technology to a major corporation for an extraordinary sum and individually reap the well-deserved, huge financial benefits.

But instead, she chose to operate from the place in her heart where she has committed to do the most good for the most people. So she opted for an organic distribution model patterned after the growth of healthy cells that could replicate themselves over and over again in the fastest possible way. It’s a relationship marketing system that allows one person to tell another about what the product has done for them and for others, and then duplicate their efforts in a virtually limitless process. The end result is a miraculous opportunity for virtually anyone who wants to physically and financially enrich his or her life and make a positive difference in the world.

Here’s what that means to you

At a time when the economic upheaval on Wall Street and announcements of job losses dominate the daily news, you now have a viable opportunity to pursue a very successful business for yourself, but not by yourself. This is a real life, tax-deductible home-based business opportunity that you can work part of full-time. It is extremely low risk and the financial outlay is very nominal. But the upside for sharing something with others that you truly believe in is enormous.

Consulting with top experts in relationship marketing, Dr. McCord has created an unparalleled referral program that will reward you generously and continuously for telling others about these life-changing products. To support you in your sales efforts, she has assembled an outstanding team of professionals with expertise in manufacturing, customer service, marketing, finance, technology, research, distribution, and every other major area of business.

And if a scientist who could have easily retired wealthy long ago is willing to bet her future on the power of these products, don’t you believe that she will do everything in her power to help you succeed? If you said “Yes!” to that question, then there’s only one question that remains….

Are you ready to help bring this modern day miracle to your loved ones and the world?

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