The Amazing Discovery of Olivamine

The dramatic success of Olivamine and a sadly ironic event combined to create an urgent new direction for Dr. McCord’s research. In 2004, Darlene herself was diagnosed with breast cancer. She immediately began seeking out the best medical treatment available to help her combat the dreaded disease. It was during this lengthy process that she began to think of new ways to view and fight cancer and a wide range of other terrible diseases at a cellular level.

The rapid success and incredible marketplace dominance of Olivamine had given Darlene and her husband, James, the financial resources to be able to fund more than $2 million in medical research at The University of Iowa and other leading universities in the United States. Using the latest research techniques and aided by electron microscope technology, their teams have delved even deeper into the actual mechanisms by which Olivamine works at the cellular level.

The normally subdued scientists were overwhelmed by what the tests proved. Just as Dr. McCord had envisioned, this miraculous formulation had the ability to wake sleeping cells and stimulate them to become productive, healthy, and vibrant again. Furthermore, she discovered the results were independent of the method by which Olivamine was delivered to the cell. In other words, Olivamine worked just as well when it was ingested orally as it did when applied topically. In some instances, oral applications are providing to work a lot better!

Realizing the importance of this discovery, Dr. McCord began pursuing a new direction. What if she could use the research discoveries from the past few years and drastically improve the healing concentrations of Olivamine and combine the power of this improved proprietary ingredient with the world’s proven restorative and preventative natural ingredients in a supplement form? What if this new form of Olivamine was so advanced over her original discovery that she could now patent her work? Well, the answer to the questions is the patent pending Olivamine10. Olivamine10 is so advanced and so scientifally relevant that its story of cellular miracles is just now being told. Importantly, Dr. McCord has designed an affordable, non-prescription daily regimen that provides both optimal nutritional support and combines it with Olivamine10’s ability to resurrect quiescent cells .

What kind of healing potential could that bring to the world for the first time in history? The promise of hope for a global impact – and the potential for radical improvement in her personal health – was enough to motivate her to pursue her new life’s mission. Today, after investing millions of dollars of her own money on research and development, Dr. McCord is proud to announce that her dream has come true and that the dream is now available to he general public.

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