The Miracle of Solid Nutrition

Are you confused about which nutritional products are the real deal and which ones are really just well marketed nutritional nonsense? Well, you are not alone. That’s how just about everyone feels. And for good reason.

Just one trip through the nutritional supplement aisle and you’ll see so many different products that claim to be the best; it would befuddle Einstein. There are terrible tasting drops you can put under your tongue; enough “super juice” products to fill a swimming pool; tiny rock hard once a day vitamins that exit your body completely intact and undissolved. No wonder trying to find something truly legitimate off the nutrition shelf can be an impossible task.

And if that weren’t complicated enough, there are an endless number of options being sold through direct sales that someone wants you to try. There’s your distant cousin who wants you to buy some product that is supposed to grow thick, luxurious hair on a cue ball head and there’s the supposed super juice that your neighbor wants you to drink that comes from bitter tasting berries.

At Pinnaclife, we believe it’s time someone stepped up to help you cut through all the marketing mumbo jumbo. So, we’re volunteering. And our first step is to write this article on why you need nutrition based on solid science and what that really looks like. Of course, we believe we make the best nutritional supplements on the planet and we would love to have you as lifelong healthy customers. However, even if you don’t select us, we want you to have the real truth so that you can make educated decisions. That way you can at least avoid wasting money on something that’s totally useless or potentially lethal.

Solid Science versus False Claims

We are all bombarded with millions of messages from thousands of sources all trying to convince us to spend money on something. For an ingredient to work it has to have several properties. Here are just two of the big ones: it has to be something that is scientifically proven to deliver the results. It has to be in safe, efficacious amounts, which in layman’s terms simply means, “is there enough of it to do you any good, and not so much of it that it will do you harm.”

Solid Science versus Unsafe Practices

We generally accept the theory that “bigger is better.” The only problem with that theory in the field of nutrition is that its wrong. Let’s be honest, most people don’t know what antioxidants really are unless they study them. So its easy for big companies to take advantage of their innocence. Let us help:

Antioxidants are nutritional ingredients we need to keep our body parts from oxidizing prematurely. If we get the right number and quality of antioxidants, they work together to form a sort of force field around the cell to protect it from free radical damage. Free radical damage is considered by many to be the primary cause of premature aging, weakened immune system, and so many other diseases.

Solid Science versus Slick Deception

Lastly, lets look at what the big brand names aren’t volunteering to tell you about the efficacy and effectiveness of their products. Perhaps the biggest of all the deception is what industry insiders call “label paint.” Loosely put, “label paint” is when a manufacturer puts just enough of an ingredient in a product to legally claim that it exists for marketing purposes, but not enough to actually do you any good.

The best way to sum up how potentially useless or harmful all of this is to your health. If your products company is touting an ORAC value that is literally off the ORAC chart, you could be literally off to the hospital soon. And if it only has just a minute amount of it to paint it on the label, it’s almost worthless to take. Translation? With many well known health products, you might get more benefit swallowing the product label than the actual product, because at least that way you’d get a little fiber.

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